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Why should we Reiki our food?

If we think about how religions pray over their meals or bless them, one can just think it is a tradition from times past when food was scarce, they are thanking God or divine source that they are not going hungry again. But when we learn Reiki and understand the flow of energy, we know we can channel this Reiki into our food to raise its vibration and when we consume it, we raise our own vibration.

Where attention and intention goes, the energy will flow towards it. No matter what religion or faith you have, the act of being truly grateful for the food will cause the energy flowing towards it to have a high vibration of gratitude within it.

True love is the highest vibration in the universe and gratitude is right behind it. when we are mindful of this, we can energize the food we eat, and this is even more effective with water.

Enjoy your meal everyone 

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