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Where attention goes, energy flows

If you only take one thing from what I write here, please let it be this… What ever you give your attention to, you also give your energy to. I know it sounds simple, but for me it is one of the most important things to remember in life, and it is up to you to choose through your own free will, whether that will be positive or negative. You choose to live and act from a place of love or fear.

It has been proven through the study of Quantum physics, that all matter at the subatomic level exists in a waveform. This matter only appears solid when we, as the observer, use our senses to perceive the wave patterns in space and time. Thought waves have proven to affect this observed matter in the physical world, especially concentrated thoughts.

These waveforms vary in all matter on the subatomic level, and the higher the waveform is, the higher the vibration. Lower vibrations, when observed as matter, are heavier and denser.
But what about on a larger scale? Let’s say I had a thought, it happens now and then, but let’s say I thought to myself ‘what makes me happy?’ When we have a thought, it triggers a neuron in a part of our brain that in turn triggers an emotional response. Our emotions are chemically based, which is matter and these chemicals make us react, like smiling or laughing, allowing us to physically see and observe the effects of literal mind over matter.

When we feel happy, our vibration is higher, we feel lighter and have more energy. While when we are sad, we feel down, and our vibrational wave is flatter, and our energy level is at a low. Because our consciousness and thoughts can manipulate the vibration in our bodies through thought and emotion, we are then able to change our state of being and raise our vibration higher. We can “choose” not be sad, and through “free will”, we can decide to be happy and raise our vibration.

But this doesn’t just apply to our moods, we can use this same concept of ‘where attention goes, energy flows’ to improve every aspect of our lives. We can use intent and energy to direct energy from around us through our body. This is how Reiki works, our attention is on the intent to heal… healing energy follows the person our attention is on and intent controls the type of energy flowing.

We all have two sides to ourselves and it reminds me of the story about the Cherokee Indian telling his grandchildren about the two wolves fighting inside everyone. One is white and filled with love, peace, compassion and harmony, while the other is black and filled with fear, greed, hate and jealousy. The battle between the two of them is constant, and the children ask their grandfather “which wolf wins the battle?” and the old Cherokee simply replies, “the one that is fed the most”.

This duality is present in everyone and what ever side you decide to feed more with energy will always be strongest.

How will you choose to direct your energy?

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