Duration: 30 min

Price $50.00

Feeling out of balance or overwhelmed?

Reiki can help reduce anxiety, depression and overthinking, bringing your body back to a more natural energetic balance. By reducing stress and bringing the body into a more harmonious and relaxed state, it encourages the bodies natural healing ability to take place on all levels.


Duration: 60 min

Price $90.00

Relax, unwind and balance

In the 60 minute Reiki session, you will not only get all the benefits mentioned in the 30 min treatment, but I will start by taking you through a short cleansing and balancing guided meditation. This will allow you to enter into a deeper state of relaxation before receiving the Reiki energy, maximising the benefits of the healing energy.


Intuitive Healing

Duration: 90 min

Price $130.00

Realign the mind, body and spirit connection.

Go deeper into the healing process and understand the energy behind any imbalances throughout the body.

This treatment will incorporate a short Meditation, Reiki, Aura Cleansing and Strengthening, Chakra Balancing and Intuitive Energy Clearing that allows me to see different forms of energy throughout the body.

Find out about your Totem animals and their influence on your healing process, discover spirit connections, clear entity attachments, energy cords and much more. (this varies for each person)

Home/Office Clearing

Duration: 60 min

Price $100.00 within Dubbo Limits

Does the energy in your home or work space feel a bit yuk!

Many things can contribute to lowering the energy vibration in the home or work space and the main reason is residual negative energy built up on the physical objects. Negative energy is sticky and heavy and this causes it to settle onto objects (including people) like dust and keep building up.

Another reason is Earthbound Spirit and/or Entity attachments. Both of these can feel very negative and draining and can be cleared.

Each case is different and can vary in the level of clearing and whether travel is needed. Please contact me for further information and pricing if you live out of Dubbo. This can also be done remotely.

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