Reiki Classes

Reiki Classes

Reiki is a technique which is a non-invasive and gentle form of hands-on energy healing. Often referred to as ‘Universal energy’, it is a Japanese version of spiritual healing, which is brought about by placing hands on the person receiving treatment and the channelling of this universal energy through the hands of the practitioner.

The Reiki system has many benefits and can range from self-development to energy balancing, self healing and emotional balance. By reducing stress and balancing our energy we become more calm and bring clarity to our mind and thoughts, helping us to make clearer choices and decisions throughout our lives.

By learning Reiki, we not only learn to help ourselves but also the friends and loved ones around us.

– Our live classes cover the 3 levels of Usui Reiki.

– During each class you will receive the instruction manual, access to online resources and a certificate upon completion.

– We will also provide a vegetarian based lunch and refreshments.

The 3 different Reiki classes


This class is designed for beginners, teaching you about the energy behind Reiki and how to use the energy on yourself, family and friends. It also instructs you of the 5 Reiki principles, the different hand positions and how to increase your own energy.


Take the next step and go deeper into the reiki energy. We will introduce 3 reiki symbols, cover long distance healing and  expand on mindfulness, intent and intuition. Learn how to give treatments to clients when running your own healing practice.


Reiki Certificate 3 (Master) Is designed for students who would like to further their knowledge and/or to teach Reiki themselves. It covers the addition of one more sacred symbol and goes into detail about the attunement process for your own students.

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