Mark Fieldus

Mark Fieldus

I am a Reiki Master/Teacher and Intuitive Healer with a soul purpose of not only, healing and balancing, but to also teach Reiki and the flow of energy. I can help you clear away old/ negative energy patterns that hinder your health and wellbeing.

My main focus is Energy Work and I have successfully helped people from different walks of life to find balance and promote healing within their mind, body and soul.

Even when your energy levels are high, you still need to know how to stay grounded and how to maintain balanced energy!

Over the years, I have gained invaluable knowledge from wonderful teachers, research, life experience, and probably most importantly, my own Intuition and Wisdom.

I have been on my spiritual path since 1995 and have been applying energy work in my life since 1997. I received my first Master/Teacher certificate in 2009 and have since been attuned 2 more times at Master/Teacher level.

In a world full of technology and overwhelmed with data, I see so many people stressed out and unable to balance their energy.

My goal is to help as many of you balance your energy centers, clear the negative energy attachments that drain us and get back to having energy that is clear, vibrant and strong!

I truly do feel blessed to be able to help you achieve greater happiness, health and balance in your life!