Intuition Vs Head Chatter

Recently I was asked “How do you know the difference between intuition and the voices in your head?”

This is an awesome question and it is also hard to explain in depth. Sure there are easy answers like ‘you just need to trust it’, but lets delve into it for a minute. I think intuition is the voice of the soul, but your body hears or interprets that voice in many different ways and this is what splits it into different ‘psychic abilities’.

Imagine that a piece of information within the vibration of life, such as a friend or a family member going through a hard time or an accident. Maybe it is something bigger that effects the vibration on a world scale. This information hits your energy field or your aura if you like, which is energetic contact, and then gets interpreted by the soul. The soul understands it fully and expresses it in the body in the form of intuition (gut feeling). The problem is, the body has to interpret what the intuition is saying and it doesn’t always do this clearly. There are many different ways the body will interpret intuition and the main ones are what everyone calls psychic abilities.

Claircognizance means clear knowing.
This is when we just ‘know’ about a situation but are not sure how, our gut feeling. This is (to me) the voice of the soul and the first and strongest part of our psychic abilities manifesting within the body. It permeates through the entire body but is stemming from the gut.

Clairsentience means clear feeling.
This is empathy, when we pick up on others emotions. the next strongest manifestation of abilities would be this empathy, and is what I feel is the main cause of anxiety.

Clairvoyance means clear seeing.
This is when images either past, present and future come to us and form in our mind.

Clairalience means clear smelling.
This is when we smell odors that don’t have any kind of physical source.

Clairgustance means clear tasting.
This is when we taste something that isn’t actually there.

Clairaudience means clear hearing.
This is when words, sounds or music form in our mind.

As you can see, intuition is interpreted in many different ways and a lot of them are the mind and our consciousnes trying to make sense of what we are feeling or picking up on energetically.

These abilities usually occur naturally or even after trauma, then once you start to recognise 1 or 2 of them and build on them, you realise you can start to tune into all of them. but each of them need work and exercise on their own and for many people they stick to the ones that have manifested natuarlly, but yes you are able to develop all of them.

The original post question here refers to Clairaudience, which is the hardest to distinguish because of our own head chatter. I think everyone struggles, or has struggled with this through there own spiritual growth at some point. The problem with the intuition voice for most people is, it sounds exactly like our own voice. For me I find ‘Mindfulness’ the thing that helps me the most. Being present, with no thought of past events or future outcomes. Imagine your head talking to your intuition and having a conversation. Having a calm mind and being present is like having a one on one conversation, you are aware of the two sides of the conversation. Having a busy mind is like having that conversation in a crowded room, you can’t tell who owns what voice, and you’re overthinking everything. This creates doubt, fear and lack of trust. You hear it all the time, you need to trust your intuition, but many people can’t even distinguish it let alone trust it.

But the question is only referring to an aspect of intuition and not the whole of it. Intuition isn’t just about the conversation in our head, it’s mainly about Claircognizance (clear knowing), where you can’t explain why you know, you just know. It is also about the Clairsentience (empathy) and understanding the feelings we are having such as ‘are they mine, someone else’s or something else’.
When we can distinguish between our feelings or if we are picking up on other feelings, then we gain more trust in what we are picking up on. It’s about all the extra senses interpreting information clearly.

Intuition is like a muscle, you have to keep working at it and the more you do, the stronger it gets. This makes intuitions voice louder and stronger, it makes trusting it easier and the more you use it, build it, trust it and become friends with it, the easier it is to know the difference between your own thoughts and intuition. this is where we get clarity.

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