Healing connections to past lives

Many times when I am doing a treatment, i will see what I call “Pods”, no, not the chocolates… These pods are a negative attachment but are part of the clients own energy system and not external attachments like spirit or entity. They are brought through from past lives and are usually connected to something traumatic from that previous life. Without going into past life regression, for many the only hint they have is from some irrational fear of something without knowing why, such as fear of spiders and I believe many phobias are a result of these past life trauma’s.

Because of the negative aspect to these pods, they drain the chakra they are attached to and can shut the chakra down. This isn’t the only cause to chakra’s becoming underactive or even shut down completely, it is just another aspect I have to consider when giving a treatment and to help with the healing process. I don’t get information on what the pods represent in terms of the fear, but hopefully one day I will. What I do get is the understanding that there is a past life trauma draining the person and which Chakra is being drained. So, for instance, if the pod is attached to the heart chakra, then we can gather that the trauma has something to do with the heart and because the heart Chakra directly relates with the root chakra we can see how the clients is also affected by stability and security issues.

Even though these attachments can be cleared from the energy field of the body and allow the energy to flow through the body again, without changing thoughts and beliefs within yourself, the attachment can re-form and begin to grow again. Identifying the actual past life and the cause of the trauma would be the only way heal that particular issue fully.

So how can we narrow it down and identify the trauma? well, there are several ways this can be done;

Meditation – this is a great way to journey down into your subconscious and uncover many things within yourself, but many people have trouble doing this, which I think is more from fear and lack of knowledge. they believe they can’t because they aren’t visualizing properly or think they are just making it up in their head and don’t trust what they are seeing, but I will go into this more in a different post.

Access Bars – I have only had a few treatments with Access Bars, have had instant success with a shoulder issue I had, which I believed was a past life. As it was clearing, the pain I had in my shoulder blade for about six years suddenly moved to the front of my chest and then I suddenly had a vision of a spear that went straight through my chest and lodged in the shoulder blade. This treatment felt like it removed the spear and that pain hasn’t returned since.

Past life regression – I have done quite a few of these, and I have mixed feelings about them. I see so many people say, “I want to do past life regression’ and to be honest, you really need to know what you’re getting into before you just jump straight in. From my own experiences, I have seen lives where I have been with soulmates and understood what deep intense true love felt like, and I have also seen lives that were filled with deep loneliness, deep sadness and have witnessed my death several times. But before you say, ” yeah i want to know what happened to me”, I have to warn you… you will ‘feel’ every bit of the emotion that comes with that experience. But in saying that, I did not feel the pain of death, just that life was fading to black.

If you are able to identify a trauma from a past life, then it is possible to send Reiki back to that previous life. This does not change anything in that life, but it can help with the healing process to clear the trauma that has been brought through to this life.

Has anyone else had any experiences with past lives? What’s your thoughts?

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