Free Will vs Fate and Destiny

I saw someone write the other day, “how can there be fate and destiny if we have free will”. If your destiny is set in stone, then free will can’t change it right? But then if you have free will, then there is no such thing as fate and destiny because you can change it.

Does one of them NOT exist? Well no, they all exist…
What about the predictions in the Bible? Revelations? Nostradamus or any other prophet in the past? Were these just warnings and humanity can change the outcome if they ‘only listen’?

Many spiritual people have said to me that if you had a prediction of the future, then through free will we can change the outcome… Really?… maybe… but let’s say you had a prediction or went to a psychic and in the future, you were driving a red car and you got into an accident, so you changed your actions through free will, never ever drove a red car again and you avoided the outcome and that was your destiny? Was the prediction or the psychic not accurate because it never happened? Or did you really change fate.

I know I am juggling rocks inside a house of glass with this post, but hey… must be destiny.

I believe that my entire physical life is set in stone, everything that has happened and will happen is mapped out and can’t be changed. The same way as the past is written, then so is the future. To me, there is free will, but there is also fate and destiny and if you only look at it from a ‘this life’ or even physical perspective, then you run into problems. I have had many try and argue with me over this belief, but I refuse to argue, it is what it is.

Depending on your understanding of spiritual concepts, you may understand that there is reincarnation. You may also understand your soul choosing this life to learn lessons (although I don’t think this is entirely accurate), you may also understand the concept of entering into soul contracts with other souls to help them and you to ‘experience’ different situations. To me, as a soul, you see the entire life before you enter it, and you can see how it aligns with the life the other soul will choose before the contract is agreed upon, and this is how fate is sealed and you have your destiny.
Free will was not given to man, it was given to the soul, and it is the soul that makes the decisions through free will.

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