Most frequent questions and answers about Treatments

You won’t need to bring anything with you, but it is advisable to wear loose, comfortable clothing.

When getting a Treatment, you will be asked to remove all jewelry and watches. I will then ask you to lay on the massage table on your back and that’s it, from here on you just need to relax

While doing a treatment I will incorporate a number of modalities including Reiki, Aura Cleansing, Chakra balancing, Smudging and Intuitive Energy Clearing that allows me to see different forms of energy throughout the body. I usually bring my own guides and totem animals in, and I will also ask for protection and guidance from Arch Angels as well.

This varies from person to person and all I can do is give you examples of what other clients have experienced. Examples include relaxed, calm, peaceful, you may see colours, you may feel sensations of warmth or even tingling and emotions may come to the surface.

Again, this varies from person to person and can be difficult to give you a direct answer to this question. Depending on which Chakra’s were out of balance will have a big impact on how you will feel after the treatment.

This is when deep seated emotions come to the surface and if they have been buried for a while, then they may come to the surface very suddenly. This does not happen often, but is also not uncommon. Just know you are in a safe place and it is a good thing that these emotions are trying to get out and allow the body to heal.

If you would like more information on this, then you can read my blog post about it at What is a Healing Crisis