entity attachment 3

Understanding Entity Attachments – Part 3 of 3

As I talked about before, the Aura is our first line of defence and strengthening that should be our first step. We can start by ‘sheilding’ which is used by empaths from picking up unwanted emotions and other sensitive people against psychic attack, but in truth, shielding should be used by anyone who wants to block unwanted energy from affecting them. It is very simple to do and effective. This is a temporary thing but if you are consistent with it at the start regarding attachments, it will give you a chance to raise your vibration enough for the entity to move on.

Smudging is when you burn a smudge stick of white sage and/or a combination of a few herbs and let the smoke work its way around your body or through the home. It doesn’t have to be in the form of a smudge stick and can be loose herbs smouldering in a bowl or even incense sticks. It is useful to clear residual negative energy, which is kind of like dust and it lingers in the air and settles on clothing and furniture. I know it seems contradictory, but smudging helps to purify the negative energy in the air, and it removes the energetic dust from yourself and objects.

Carrying or wearing crystals such as Tourmaline will help to strengthen your aura and shield you. Rose quartz will also help to raise your vibration and the vibration of your home. Another very useful thing to do with crystals is to crystal grid the home.

If you use essential oils, they are also a very good way to raise your own personal vibration. Oils such as Lemongrass are excellent for clearing negative energy from yourself and if you use a diffuser, it will help raise the vibration and clear negative energy for the home and your loved ones. Oils are also great if your partner does not believe in any of these things and you can just say you love the smell.

In future posts I plan on going into more detail about energetically protecting yourself and your home.

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