entity attachment 2

Understanding Entity Attachments – Part 2 of 3

Many things will fracture the Aura such as Stress, but drug and alcohol use are probably more problematic. When we do either of these it temporarily fractures our Aura, which leaves us open to attachments. A lot of attachments are picked up in bars and clubs and could explain why many people get aggressive or even fall into a deep state of depression while on these substances. In many cases, the next day when they sober up, they become more positive and less desirable for the entity, so the entity will jump and attach to someone else that is more negative. But when the substances are used excessively and turn into addiction and alcoholism, then you can truly see the negative influence of the entity.

Trauma, like a car accident or armed robbery, anything traumatic will put a hole on the aura. What is happening is a part of the soul breaks off and gets caught with someone else, something else or somewhere else. This hole leaves your Aura wide open to attachments and the problem with this is that the manipulation is more intense to the point of hearing voices. Although the voice may seem helpful to some, even positive, but it is manipulating you and it is slowly and surely lowering your vibration to where it wants you to be.

During my treatments I have seen entities fill the hole in the aura, like they are trying to join. In these cases, there is evidence that even though the entity can’t possess you against your will, it is trying to ‘experience’ aspects of humanity through you, because it has never experienced that before.

Like I said, their main goal is to match your frequency to their own so they can feed off it. They are not demonic or evil, they are just a parasite or a leech that wants to feed on you and nothing more. If you get a leech on you, you don’t see it as evil, because knowledge shows you, they are just feeding, and knowledge also shows you that salt removes them. So how do we remove and entity attachment?

In Part 3 I will go into ways to you reduce and prevent entity attachments

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