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Understanding Entity Attachments – Part 1 of 3

It has come to my attention that when I talk about entities to some people, it kind of freaks them out. Whether it is movies or stories creating the fear, or maybe just a strong religious background that makes them think the worst.

There is a big difference between ‘Negative’ and ‘Evil’ and yes, everything that is evil is negative, but not everything that is negative is evil. Entities have different levels of consciousness or should I say different levels of intelligence and some are more cunning than others.
Talking about entities touches many subjects on lots of different levels and I would probably need to write a book to cover the bigger picture, but I will try to describe what they are without getting off track too much. So, what is an entity?

Entities are born or created on the astral realm. They were never human, they have never died or reincarnated, they just exist in the astral. They are not evil; they just exist on a lower frequency which we would call negative. Because the astral realm is so close to the physical realm, they are aware of us. And because the physical body is just a massive clump of energy in the form of atoms, they draw on our energy and feed on it if you will. The problem is that like energy is attracted to like energy. So, what stops them from feeding on us? Our first line of defence is our Aura and if it is strong and whole it protects us from all kinds of energy, psychic attack and energetic cords from other people.

When our Aura is damaged, such as holes or fractures, then our shield is vulnerable, and entities can attach through the holes and fractures. The bigger the hole, the more they attach. Now depending on size of the hole or fracture, also depending on the intelligence of the entity will determine the effect on the person. The goal of the entity is not to hurt you or possess you, but it will manipulate your thoughts until your energetic frequency matches the frequency they want to feed on. Unfortunately, some of these frequencies are in the suicidal range and even though their intent is not for you to die, because they lose a food source, sometimes the person being manipulated breaks and they follow through with the thoughts.

In my next post I will go into what fractures or creates holes in our Aura.

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