Energy Protection-4

Personal Energy Shielding – part 4 of 4

As you play with the technique from the previous post, you can expand on it further, and it is only limited by your imagination.

A common thing to add to the outside of the shield is a mirrored surface with the intent to reflect the negative energy back to the owner. I use this myself and find it quite effective.

Another thing I like to do, is add a layer of diamond to the inside of the shield. Diamond is one of the hardest substances known to man, so this helps my intent to ‘harden’ the shield.

Adding colour to the light you use to fill the inside of the shield will help to balance different negative emotions you may be feeling. For example, anxiety is very common when you are in crowds of people, so filling the shield with yellow light will help to reduce anxiety and lift self-esteem. Blue is also another great colour to help you bring in a sense of peace and calm, while red will help with a sense of security and stability.

There are plenty more things I have done with the layers and other ways I have used the shield, but that is outside the scope of this post, because, you know me… I only like to write short posts 😊

Test out the basic shielding for yourself and test it when you go to the mall or doctors and see how it makes you feel; I think you will be pleasantly surprised. Experiment with different layers for the shield and let me know what you come up with. I look forward to hearing your thoughts and experiences with this technique.


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