Energy Protection-3

Personal Energy Shielding – Part 3 of 4

Creating an energy shield around yourself not only requires intent and visualization, but we also need to incorporate emotion. This will help to empower the energy, making it much stronger. The emotion of love is one of the best, but gratitude is also very good as well. We need to really feel this emotion within ourselves for it to be effective and not just wish we are feeling it. I have written a previous post about loving yourself which gives you an understanding of how to bring love into your life, and when we do that we truly feel love.

So, let’s break it down into an easy to follow process;

– You walk into a crowded area and realise your energy level is dropping, you begin to feel drained or you feel anxiety. You think to yourself ‘I need to shield myself’.

– Visualize a shield forming around you made of white light. The thickness is not too important, but 1 or 2cm is a good guide.

– Visualize this about 1 meter out from your body, your Aura is most likely a lot closer to the body than this, because of the negativity, the draining or the anxiety, but when you have finished creating the shield and your energy balances, your aura will move back out.

– Your intent for this is to block all negative energy and only allow positive energy to pass through the shield.

– Bring in a feeling of love or gratitude and imagine that emotion as an energy filling the inside of the shield, including yourself.

I know this process may seem complicated and long to do in a short period of time, but it doesn’t take that long at all. In fact, if you keep practicing it, the whole process will happen instantly.

This is a basic but an effective protection shield. In the next post I will give you some examples on how to expand on it and give your shield different layers of intent and protection.

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