Energy Protection

Personal Energy Shielding – Part 1 of 4

When it comes to Spiritual work, there is a lot of basic concepts that seem to get overlooked or forgotten about way too often. One of them is grounding which I have already covered in a previous post, but another one is Energy Protection, which also seems to be overlooked a lot of the time.

Having a firm grasp of these basics and using them regularly sets a firm foundation for the rest of your spiritual journey. As we understand that everything is energy, we have energy flowing through our Chakra’s and Meridians, we have energy flowing around us with our Aura, why would you not want to learn the basics of protecting that energy?

Energy Protection applies to everyone and not just people on a spiritual path, every day, we are all bombarded by other people’s energy and every day someone is knowingly or unknowingly trying to drain our energy.

There are a few places that are ideal for implementing Energy Protection, such as shopping centres and medical centres. When we walk into a shopping centre and feel our energy drop or drain, or our mood changes dramatically and we may even become agitated or angry, then we need to protect our energy. If your energy level goes up, then you need to ask yourself, is it the excitement of the product your about to buy? If not, then ask yourself, where is the energy coming from?

The energy exchange in areas with lots of people can be overwhelming for some. You know how you are talking to one of those ‘friends’ that if the conversation goes for more than 5 minutes, you begin to feel the energy drain out of you? well that is just one person and if you could see the flow of energy, you would see it flowing out of you and into them. That friend has drained you because they wanted your attention, demanded your attention, or manipulated the conversation to get your attention. That is just one type of energy drain and some people are just so negative that you can feel it oozing out of them before they even speak. Imagine all these types of energy drain and the negative energy sticking to you every time you walk into a shopping centre.

Shopaholics go shopping to make themselves feel better, and then get home and realise they don’t even want what they have purchased. Was it the shopping that made them feel better? Unless they have a mental ‘disorder’, then we can look at the energy. If we understand the flow of energy, we see that it is the energy flow that has made them feel better. If your energy level is low, then you may find you have the desire to go to the mall.

Prevention is better than cure and over the next couple of days I will be making this post a multi part theme on protecting our energy.

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