Do you Really love yourself?

 I talk to a lot of people in person and online about energy flow and I have been seeing a lot of people lately, wondering when they will find love. I tell them that to feel love they need to first love themselves. Their eyes glass over and go distant and they take on a look of disinterest. We have all been told that exact same thing from someone at some stage in our lives, but I have concluded that not many people truly understand it.

The problem seems to be most people focus on the fact that they don’t have love, they feel empty and that someone else needs to make them feel more complete. This makes them depressed and inadvertently amplifies what they are feeling. Sure, we all want to be loved by someone, but focusing on what you don’t have and feeling the emptiness of not having it is only attracting more of this lack of love and emptiness.

Where your attention goes, the energy flows, and like energy attracts like energy. What this means is, if you focus on what you don’t have and add the emotions of not having it, the energy you are putting out is one of ‘lack of love’. The natural laws of attraction will send you more energy that aligns with that same ‘lack of love’.

The energy of love attracts love. When I say, ‘love yourself’, I don’t mean love yourself in a vain way or an egotistical way, I mean if you want to feel love from someone else, you must feel love within yourself. If we take a moment to relax, close our eyes and visualize something we truly love, hold it there, ‘feel’ how it makes us feel, then in that moment we are in a state of love. If you really did do what I suggested, then congratulations… you just meditated. You can do this exercise for 2 minutes if you want, but the more you do it the better. The energy we are putting out in this moment of visualization and emotion is love, and the more we can be in that state and dwell there then the more we will attract that same energy.

If you have read anything on creating abundance then you will know that some of the strongest emotions for attracting positive energy is joy, love and gratitude. By visualizing what we already love, who we already love and ‘feel’ how that love makes us feel and be grateful for it, then the laws of attraction will bring more of it your way. The more you can do this every day, then the more you will be in a state of love and the stronger you will attract more of it in your life.

This not only helps to attract love, it will also raise your energy levels. You will feel lighter and have more energy, because the emotions of joy, love and gratitude are high vibration emotions. This will also help to balance your energy and reduce the feeling of stress. We are our own creator and through our free Will we can choose how we want to feel. Today, don’t focus on stress, depression, loneliness and lack of love, we no longer want this in our lives. Today, focus on who is already in your life that you love, what is in your life that you love or even just an aspect of your life that you love. When you can think of something, really focus on how it makes you feel, dwell in the feeling of it, then say to yourself “I am truly grateful they/that is in my life’.

Hope you have an amazing day!

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