Do you feel stuck with Meditation?

Let’s begin by understanding meditation. One of the strongest tools there is for self-development, whether it is for your health, life, career, energy healing or just being spiritual in general, is meditation. So many people say, “I can’t meditate” or “I can’t switch off” or how about “I can’t think of ‘nothing’”. What is lacking here is knowledge and understanding.

Everyone meditates one way or another, and if you have ever day dreamed of getting that new car, then you are meditating on that new car. Meditation is NOT the absents of thought, it is the focusing of a thought and it varies in many ways. If our thoughts wander off on a tangent, that’s fine, we acknowledge that our thoughts have strayed and we bring focus back to what we are doing. This might be all the time when starting out, but if you keep practicing, then you will build focus.

We have already talked about Grounding in a previous post, which is also a form of meditation, now let’s look at a couple of different examples and see how they are fitting into what you are already doing.


One of the most popular meditations recently is Mindfulness. So, what is mindfulness? Well exactly what it says… being mindful of what you are doing at that very moment. This technique is often used just before starting a visualization meditation.

As a meditation tool, focusing our thoughts to right here and right now is what it is all about. Being present and in the moment, we focus on our breathing, we become aware of our breath, the rise and fall of our chest. We move our focus to the rest of the body, the air around the body and if you like, we move our awareness out even further. The past has already happened, and the future is still being created, all we have is right now, and when we bring our focus and attention to the present, we find this technique reduces depression, stress and anxiety.

But this is also helpful to do when you’re NOT meditating. Being mindful and in the moment while eating, cleaning, working and so on, you will notice your stress and anxiety reduce greatly.

Visualization Meditation

Whenever you visualize something, in a way, you are meditating. When you do this in a meditation with focus and intent, then it opens the way for many different avenues in spiritual growth, we use this technique when clearing the energy field in the body, balancing chakra’s, talking to guides, interacting with totem animals and communicating with spirits. This is just a general sense of all these things and different people will approach these things mentioned above in different ways. But as a rule, all these things can be done through Visualization Meditation.

The trick with meditation is to NOT get hung up on what you are picturing in your mind.

So many people think that because they can’t see things in detail in their mind that they are doing it wrong, this is not the case. What is most important is not the detail but the impressions and emotion you get with what you are visualizing. Clear seeing comes with practice.

If you are just starting out with this, then I would suggest going over the grounding exercises a few times, and then ‘create’ a place in your mind that you find peaceful or beautiful. From there, much can happen, like totem animals, guides and so on. There is so much more to meditation, but I hope this gives you a way forward and not be so critical of yourself when attempting to meditate.

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