Do you know your Totem Animal?

For some people, they seem to have 1 totem animal that is with them always, and for others they may just have totems that are relevant to what they are dealing with at that moment. I see this a lot when doing treatments. For me personally I have had a wolf with me for over 20 years, although I do get other animals coming through from time to time, but these are usually just showing up to help with whatever I am trying to get guidance with. If you do any form of meditation you will most likely have come across a totem animal or even several.

I don’t normally get a lot of deep insight from the totem animals in the form of conversation, they usually just give me direction and lead me to guides who can. But don’t be fooled, the journey you take with them while heading to another meeting can have much significance and the more you ponder the journey with them, the deeper the meaning becomes.

The picture you see here was taken in October last year, and has not been manipulated at all except for removing a logo from the back of the shirt. The smoke has NOT been manipulated at all. In fact I didn’t even notice it until a friend pointed it out a few days later. Makes me wonder how many other things I have missed in photo’s.

This is the first time my totem animal has manifested into the physical realm that I am aware of, and may never do it again. This picture has solidified things within me and removed some doubt that sometimes creeps in. It means a lot to me to finally have a picture of a friend who has been with me for so long.

Tell me what you think of the picture?

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