Introduction to Reiki

Reiki is a technique which is a non-invasive and gentle form of hands-on energy healing. Often referred to as ‘Universal energy’, it is a Japanese version of spiritual healing, which is brought about by placing hands on the person receiving treatment and the channelling of this universal energy through the hands of the practitioner.

Course Description
This is a FREE introduction to understanding Reiki and the concept behind it. You will also learn the history of Reiki and how the man behind it turned the energy of Reiki into a world wide practice.

Key concepts covered include:
  • Gain an understanding of what Reiki is
  • Learn about where Reiki came from and the man behind it all
  • Find out the benefits to learning Reiki and how it can help yourself, friends and family live happier, healthier lives
Find out how Reiki can benefit you and your loved ones and take this Introduction to Reiki course. It’s only a short course and it’s free.

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