Clearing the Energetic Clutter

I was talking to a friend of mine about clearing entities and attachment and how you can protect your home from negative energy, but I realized today that it is easy to forget about the things right under our noses. We know everything is made up of energy and as energy beings we form attachments energetically with ALL things. I get caught up in talking about spirit attachments, cord attachments to other people and so on, but I feel compelled to talk about the smaller ‘stuff’ and with the silly season just around the corner and a whole bunch of other ‘stuff’ coming our way, it might be worth talking about a physical (energetic) Spring clean… ummm… in Summer. Well… any time is good.

We form energetic connections, cords, strands, attachments (whatever word you like) to the people around us, our pets, people who have past, but we also form energetic connections to inanimate objects as well, and all these connections or attachments usually manifest in the form of emotional attachment. Yes, we need to clear our homes and work spaces of spirit and entity attachments and we need to protect them afterwards with shielding. We also know we need to fill our homes with love and raise the vibration in those places, but we can’t fully raise the vibration in our home if there is a whole bunch of smaller things that we don’t think about, that lower our vibration unknowingly and we refuse to let go of.

Let me throw out some examples so you get where I am coming from. The old antique hardwood dresser that you got off Aunt Ethel that you hang on to because it’s worth a lot of money, but on a sub-conscious level the energetic connection reminds you of how she made you feel self-conscious about the way you used to dress. Or that Vase you got from your grandmother after she died and the energy connection reminds you of the funeral. How about that necklace your ex gave you that is Gold with the Emerald in it… why shouldn’t you keep it… it’s yours… it’s worth a lot of money… but on that subconscious energetic level, it reminds you of your ex and exactly why they are the ex.

Everything in your home has an energetic connection between it and you, so if you really want to raise the vibration in the home without anything triggering negative thoughts or emotional responses then we need to clear some of the ‘stuff’ out.

How do we know what to throw out? Well I’m glad you asked. For some people this will be easier than others and it depends on how honest you are with yourself and how attuned you are to your feelings, but the process is quite simple. You can start by walking into a room in your house and say to yourself “how does this room make me feel?’, do you feel uplifted and light? or do you feel heavier? Do this in all the rooms in the house and write down how you feel for each room. Once you have done that and can determine which rooms make you feel heavier, you can revisit the ‘heavy’ rooms and begin the process of touching each item in the room and taking note of how you feel again. Anything that pulls your energy down and makes you feel heavier could be a candidate for removal from the home. If you want to be really thorough, ideally you would touch every item in the home.

Even though you remove the item from the home, there will still be that energetic connection to the item. This connection or cord attaching you to the item will become thinner and may even eventually drop off, but for some the negativity of the connection can be fairly strong and one of the best ways to clear this connection is also one of the more drastic ways and that is to burn it. I know… it’s very drastic, but fire is a really good cleanser and is perfect for negative connections between you and say clothes or photos. You could even turn it into a little fire ritual and reinforce the release of that negative energy.

This is a great way of de-cluttering your home and raising the vibration at the same time. The process mentioned above is fantastic for smaller things like books, ornaments, clothing and photos, but I know some people would have a hard time throwing out or burning their family heirlooms and I can totally understand that. For things like that you might be better off taking a different approach, such as seeing a healer and having the energetic cords cut. This can be fairly simple to do, but unless you get to the root of the problem of why those cords are there, then the odds are they will re-attach, because in the end… there was a reason why you energetically attached to something and that usually goes way deeper than the item you are throwing out or burning.

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