Become the Light in the Darkness

I know I haven’t posted anything in regards to the virus epidemic, but to be honest I was trying not to get caught up in the fear that it is bringing to so many people, especially when I am about to become a father any day now. But now I feel drawn to write something even if it is something simple.

We must approach this virus the same way we approach all illness, and that is to keep our immune systems strong with nutrients from whole fruits and vegetables and to keep up with the vitamin C. I know there is many other things we can add to this but for me these 2 are just common sense. If you have stocked up on canned food then I’m sorry to say, they have minimal nutrients and absolutely no life force energy in them.

Because there seems to be so much fearmongering or just plain fear involved with all of this, it is very easy to get caught up in it (especially if you are an Empath). The problem with this is that fear creates stress and when the body is stressed it goes into fight or flight mode and panic, and the hoarding is a prime example of living in fear. Sure, you can prepare yourself in a calm forward-thinking manner but hoarding through impulse buying is a reaction of fear.

While the body is in this stressed state, it is busy producing cortisol, norepinephrine and adrenaline and pumping them into the muscles. For the body to do this it needs to reduce or shut down the digestive system and more importantly, the immune system. So, the constant bombardment and fear that the media and social media is doing to everyone… surely you can see where I am going with this… it makes us more “susceptible” to illness.

From an energy point of view, we can break positive and negative energy down into 2 main emotions, Love and Fear. So, within fear, we can break it down into sub-emotions such as greed and anger, which lowers our vibration and if our vibration becomes too low, then this also compromises our ability to fight off any illness. The body needs high vibrational energy to support itself and not the energy you get from the drug adrenaline.

When we raise our vibration into a more positive one of love, we can start to experience sub-emotions like gratitude and joy. Being grateful that you are currently safe or even grateful loved ones are safe can bring on a sense of joy within ourselves. If we can reduce the fear and raise our vibration, we can bring ourselves out of a stressed state and get our immune system working more optimally.

I’m not trying to teach you anything here, I am just reminding people of what they already know.

Please everyone! Look after “you” first and get yourself into a positive healthy place within yourself and that way you are giving your best when you help other people. Become the light in the darkness.

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